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Construction Software

Manage your worksite from anywhere & anytime!! Presenting you Construct Plus, an ideal solution to track and handle all the issues faced at work site or by a construction firm. Construct Plus reduces the effort of contractors, sub-contractors, public works division contractors to a very large extent by transferring all the activities in a construction firm to a web based automated system.

Main features:

Employee Attendance and Wage Management:
The whole process of employee attendance can be automated using Construct Plus. It also allows ease of access to data pertaining to an employee. The daily wages of each employee is automatically calculated and updated. The festival and overtime allowances are also taken into consideration when the wages are calculated. Thus it makes it easy to know the wages due to an employee at the end of a week/month.

Asset management and transfer:
Through Construct Plus user can track all the assets/machineries they own and also monitor where the various assets are currently being used. The missing/damaged assets are also tracked.

Material management:
The various materials being used can be tracked and managed easily. The lack of any material at any site is monitored and arrangements are done to make the materials available in advance.

Accounts Management:
Through this feature, the user will be able to track all the monetary allowances provided to each site. The utilization of monetary allowances is also monitored. The excess/lack of funds at any site are tracked and arrangements are made to provide funds if necessary.

The most advanced feature of Construct Plus is the alert system. Users are provided with alerts pertaining to lack of materials/lack of funds/renewal or expiry of insurance etc through this feature.


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